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Our PHPEnquiry Management This application is boon for people finding difficulties in managing their Incoming Enquiries from various sources and their replies to them. Enquires are the source of Growing business in any areas of life. Be it a small business or a Big enterprise, effective handling of the generated enquires leads to new business and New sales.

Our Research shows that there is a huge market / need for such application which can manage the business enquires and handle them effectively. Companies are making huge losses as their enquires go unattended or not properly responded.

Our Enquiry Management System takes care of the complete requirement and provides Total solution for such need from any quarter of business segment. The specifications are as under: The enquiry management system is a web based application using latest PHP technologies and MYSQL database.

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Main Features of Basic Version :

Customer Interface Feature :
Submit new tickets
E-mail notifications of staff replies
SPAM prevention
Contact Information
Registration Confirmation Message
Browse knowledgebase

Settings Feature :
Login by Profile ID, Password
Forgot Password Option

Unlimited knowledge base articles
Unlimited categories and subcategories
Quick and Easy search capabilities
Post attachments to articles
Count article views
List newest and most popular articles

Able to create unlimited administrators and staff accounts
Restricted access to some functionalities for certain staff by super admin

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Order Management Script-clone

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Here we offer Free installation and configuration for our Basic Order Management Script script, that will help you to reduce your installation cost.

Free maintenance

We providing Free maintenance services for our Order Management Script script, that provides you better user experience also save your valuable money from maintenance cost.

100% Editable

We have developed our Order Management Script Script with better flexibility and scalability.So you can modify the source code as per your needs there is no restrictions to modify.

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This is a unique feature for Order Management Script Script, Here we just take only 3 hours of time to publish the website in live from your purchasing time. So here you can live your website instantly.